HAD A BLAST WITH DAVID!!!! (a half hour planned interview that turned into over an hour filled with stories, songs, and laughter.  Songs played were "Angel Girl", "Potato In Rio", "Bethelehem", "Naked Sunday".  One of our new besties for sure.)” - Kris Jewell

WJTH 101.7 FM Calhoun, GA

These songs "Angel Girl" and "Bethlehem" are beautiful!  I am adding them to the Country Dan playlist right now, and I can't wait to get into the rest of the album.  Next time you are close by David, please stop in and visit. (a planned short visit turned into a half hour with lively discussion and the two singles "Angel Girl" and "Bethlehem")” - Country Dan Morgan

— WBAF 1090 AM "AMERICA'S COUNTRY" Barnesville, GA

All these songs are just beautiful, and that song "Bethlehem" is going to be a Christmas classic.. a standard!  This is a song people need to hear.  You know, a lot of the new country music excludes a big portion of what used to be the audience.  These David Loving songs include everyone.  We'd like you to come back and do another show as soon as you can. (a one hour interview program "Shop Talk" where 5 tracks from the album "Potato In Rio" were played.  These included, "Angel Girl", "Bethlehem", "Potato In Rio", "It's All About The Love", and "I Don't Even Know Your Name".  Stories were shared about David's life and history as well as the making of the album "Potato In Rio".)” - James Anderson

— WHIE AM-FM Griffin, GA

We are definately going to add your songs, and our station can be heard all the way down past Atlanta to the middle of Georgia.” - Bobbie Foster GM

— WCON 99.3 FM Cornelia, GA

Anytime you want to come back.. you don't have to call.  Just come on. (August 26 The Cole and Amanda Morning Show on Dixie Country.  One hour interview featuring two songs "Angel Girl" and "Bethlehem" and discussions of the making of the album "Potato In Rio")” - Cole Younger

— DIXIE COUNTRY WOKA 106.7 Douglas, GA

Hi David!  I'm going to be playing "Angel Girl" on my show this Saturday.  Great song! Brad” - Brad Mercer

— KIX HOT COUNTRY 92.1 Palm Springs, CA / 96.3 Joshua Tree, CA

Really enjoyed meeting David.  One of the best interviews I've had and I wish him the best of luck. (DJ Ollie Hall after 20 minute live interview show with David Loving featuring the songs "Angel Girl" and "Bethehem")  ” - Ollie Hall

— WKFC 101.9 London, KY

Wow!  A country song without screaming guitar riffs!  A song to listen to with your best girl, and not your bro. (Interviewer Jeff Meek after 20 minute live segment with David Loving featuring the songs "Angel Girl" and "Bethlehem")” - Jeff Meek

— WDHR 93.1 FM East Kentucky Broadcasting