Welcome to 2024 at davidloving.com.  Make yourself at home, look around.  This site will feature regular David Loving news updates, as well as recording and live performance information.  And while you're here, check out the photo gallery.  More photos are constantly being added from the amazing collection that has been accumulated over the years.  We hope you enjoy seeing them.

We would like to thank Country Music News of Germany for the review, and the rating of 4 stars out of 4 for the album "Potato In Rio". Tall Horse Records recently announced that there are plans for work to begin on a new CD this year.  Potato In Rio is available virtually everywhere, and certainly in all of the online shops such as itunes and amazon mp3.

David Loving is not only a great musician in the field of country/pop/rock music based on the artists he has performed with, but has also always been a great solo acoustic performer. And now we can tell you there is a new album in the early stages, which has tentatively been titled "Rainy Afternoons". The usual David Loving acoustic tracks will be there as well, as he continues his long standing relationship with Taylor guitars.  This project will include the song "Nothing At All" which was written for the Showtime TV series "Californication", as well as some other great songs from his catalog which were not included on the "Potato In Rio" project.

If you would like to hear samples from the CD's please go to www.soundcloud.com/david-loving

Should you wish to contact us, or inquire about a live appearance by David Loving, please go to our Contact page for information.


You can follow David Loving on twitter @potatoinrio


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