It has been said that David Loving is very casual, but has a lot of style.  With nothing more than guitar in hand, he has captivated audiences. 

He grew up in the community of Abingdon, Virginia which is found in the southwest region of the state, where he began playing the piano at 4 and the guitar at age 7.  His mother, Jeanne Branson Loving, was a well-known pianist, music teacher, and musical director for the theatre.  His father Howard Loving died at 46 when David was 19, followed in death just 2 years later by his mother who died at age 44.  Shortly thereafter in 1977, following a stint as the guitarist for a production of rock musical Jesus Christ Superstar, he left home for Nashville where his life as a professional musician and songwriter really began.


David Loving has had a great career as an artist in his own rite, performing with many major acts over the years as a musician and singer, as well as in the studio.  His work would take him to all 50 states and many countries.  Over the years he has become a renowned singer/songwriter.  He has been honored with various awards over the years.  His name has been lent to causes, as during the 1990’s he was the Nashville Entertainer Chairperson for the World Summit for Children Campaign founded by Valerie Harper, Carol Kane, Susan Sarandon, Louis Gossett Jr., and Raul Julia.  Selected for this post because of one of his original songs, and performances at venues such as the Troubadour in West Hollywood and the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, David developed and was the host entertainer for a series of concerts held in Nashville's Centennial Park the purpose of which was to direct attention to the plight of many of the world's children.  This series of shows was supported by WRLT FM 100 in Nashville, and grew into their well-known Dancing In The District shows.  Many of the best singer/songwriters and musicians of the Music City community, along with special guests would perform at these shows.  For example, the very first year Suzanne Vega appeared to perform a set including her smash hit "Luka" just as it was topping the charts.  Many great artists joined him for these shows including special friends Michael Johnson, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Shawn Colvin, Ashley Cleveland, Marianne Osiel, Jonell Mosser, Paul Craft, Dana Cooper, Kevin Welch, and Clinton Gregory.. also songwriters such as Marc Beeson, Karen Taylor-Good, Trisha Walker, Pat Alger, Richard Leigh, and dozens more.  These efforts helped to support Muhammed Yunus, founder of the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh which would make micro-loans to impoverished families to help them start their own small businesses and begin to bring themselves out of extreme poverty.  For this. Muhammed Yunus was awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics, and in 1991 David was honored with the Musicares award which was founded by an associate from early touring years, Kenny Rogers.


Now living in the mountains of eastern Tennessee and working in his own Desperado Studio, he completed work on his first self-produced album Potato In Rio, which was released on July 1, 2014, which contains all original songs that prove you cannot pin him into only one genre of music.

This new year of 2024 is going to bring some exciting new developments.  David has been asked to complete another album project which we hope to finish before the end of this year.  The tentative title of the CD is "Rainy Afternoons."  Several songs have been completed but there's much more to be done.  This album will feature some incredible guest cameo performanes.  Stay tuned for the latest.