It has been said that David Loving is very casual, but has a lot of style.  With nothing more than guitar in hand, he has captivated audiences.  This is a voice that is soft and clear, delivering songs full emotion and truth.

He grew up in the community of Abingdon, Virginia which is found in the southwest region of the state, where he began playing the piano at 4 and the guitar at age 7.  His mother, Jeanne Branson Loving, was a well-known pianist, music teacher, and musical director for the theatre.  His father Howard Loving died at 46 when David was 19, followed in death just 2 years later by his mother who died at age 44.  Shortly thereafter in 1977, he left home for Nashville where his life as a professional musician and songwriter really began.

David Loving has had a great career as a musician, performing with many major acts over the years, as well as in the studio. Over the years he has become a renowned singer/songwriter.  His name has been lent to causes, as during the 1990’s he was the Nashville Entertainer Chairperson for the World Summit for Children Campaign founded by Valerie Harper, Carol Kane, Louis Gossett Jr., and Raul Julia.  Selected for the post because of one of his original songs, David developed and hosted a series of free concerts held in Nashville’s Centennial Park the purpose of which was to direct attention to the plight of many of the world’s children.  This series of shows was supported by WRLT FM 100 in Nashville, and grew into their well-known Dancing In The District shows.  Many of the best singer/songwriters of the Music City community, along with special guests would perform at these shows, for example, the very first year Suzanne Vega appeared to perform her smash hit “Luka” just as it was topping the charts.

Now living in the mountains of eastern Tennessee and working in his own studio, he completed work on his first album Potato In Rio, which was released on July 1, 2014. 

This new year of 2019 is going to bring some exciting new developments.  David has been asked to complete another album project which we hope to finish before the end of this year.  Several songs have been completed but there's much more to be done.  Stay tuned for the latest.


Welcome to 2019 at  Make yourself at home, look around.  This site will feature regular David Loving news updates, as well as recording and live performance information.  And while you're here, check out the photo gallery.  More photos are constantly being added from the amazing collection that has been accumulated over the years.  We hope you enjoy seeing them.

We would like to thank Country Music News of Germany for the review, and the rating of 3 stars out of 4 for the album "Potato In Rio". The folks at Tall Horse Records now say that there are plans for work to begin on a new CD this year.  Potato In Rio is available virtually everywhere, and certainly in all of the online shops such as itunes and amazon mp3.

 David Loving is not only a great musician in the field of country/pop/rock music based on the artists he has performed with, but has also always been a great solo acoustic performer. And now we can tell you there is a new album in the early stages, which has tentatively been titled "Horse", which is appropriate since David's road nickname was always "Horse." The usual David Loving acoustic tracks will be there as well, as he continues his long standing relationship with Taylor guitars.  This project will include the song "Nothing At All" which was written for the Showtime TV series "Californication", as well as some other great songs from his catalog which were not included on the "Potato In Rio" project.


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